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OnGuard Generators is your one-stop shop when you need generators in Stamford, CT. We have licensed technicians who will install the unit with our same-day service. When Hurricane Harvey cut through Houston, 4,000 families still had no power weeks after the tragedy. Our company can ensure you have consistent power supply, which goes a long way in giving you a semblance of normalcy even after a tragedy like a hurricane.

Cost-Efficient Power Generators in Stamford, CT

There are so many things that rely on electricity, from appliances to mobile devices. While some people will be able to survive without power for extended periods, it can be life threatening for others. With the advances in technology, our residential and commercial generators are more fuel efficient, which means you save a lot of money as compared to the older models. Protect your family with a reliable backup power in case the power goes down in the middle of winter.

Residential Generators and Commercial Generators in Stamford, CT Are Our Specialty

OnGuard Generators is a highly-dependable generator specialist. We take care of all permits and inspections required in Stamford, CT. Both residential and commercial generator installation requires skilled and experienced personnel during installation to ensure your electrical generator provides years of protection for your household and business. We install only the latest models of standby generators from the top U.S. manufacturers. We make sure to install standby generators of the highest quality from only the best U.S. manufacturers.

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From the time we receive your call, we can immediately send a team to your house or business as soon as possible. Our price will include everything from installation to completion. We take put extra time and effort to ensure that we provide a house generator or industrial generator that is efficient and safe. We’ll help you find out what you need and how much it will cost no strings attached.

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Here at OnGuard Generators, we understand that your needs are unique, and that the power needs for each home vary. A Generator is not a one-size fits all solution. If you’re planning for the next power failure or have suffered from power outages in the past, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and get a free quotation for a commercial generator or a residential generator.

Not All Companies Offer Free Whole House Generator Quotations in Stamford, CT

Once we determine the type and size of the generator to be installed in your home, the next step is up to you. With us, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which power generator you would like installed in your home. We take pride in the quality of our technicians and their friendly, helpful attitude towards giving you the best service at a fair price. We will also teach you how to operate the machine so you don’t have to call us every so often.

Generator Installation That Meets Your Needs And Budget

We have a lot to offer if you choose OnGuard Generators as your backup power partner in Stamford, CT. We are the most dependable service provider in the industry that can offer power management innovation and warranties. Our technicians are highly trained to install generators in Stamford, CT according to all local building codes. We will make sure that no power interruption can ever hinder your daily operations.

Learn How to Save Money on Generator Installation

With the help of our technical experts at OnGuard Generators in Stamford, CT, annoying power interruptions will become a thing of the past. We can also install it in such a way that it automatically powers up when there’s a blackout. That’s a godsend when you have a business that needs constant electricity. We will install it directly to your wiring so that it can take over automatically in case of a power outage. We have installed generators in homes of all sizes as well as medical facilities, restaurants, office buildings, industrial warehouses, food stores and municipal facilities. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your needs so you can finally begin your project.

Standby Whole House Generators for Stamford, CT and surrounding suburbs


Do you need emergency standby power throughout your home?

Or do you want a pre-wired system that gives you power for just the essential circuits until utility power is back online?

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    • Your safety is our #1 concern
    • We specialize in generator sales, installation and service of all generator brands including Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins Onan, Honeywell, General Electric, Guardian and Eaton.
    • You can count on us to help you select the right generator for your home and your particular needs
    • We are local and are ready to provide our full services throughout Connecticut

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If you are considering a backup home generator for your Connecticut area home, then give us a call today. We can walk you through the process as well as do an in home assessment to help you select the right size generator for your home size and family needs. The visit is free, so give us a call today at 844-400-9518 to find out more about protecting your family and your belongings with a whole house generator.

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