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OnGuard Generators will serve as your single point of contact if you need generators in Rockville, MD. In the U.S., more than ten storms wreak destruction every year; half of these storms become hurricanes and of that number, more than half are categorized as super hurricanes. When Hurricane Harvey cut through Houston, 4,000 families still had no power weeks after the tragedy. Our company can ensure you have consistent power supply, which goes a long way in giving you a semblance of normalcy even after a tragedy like a hurricane. There are several reasons you could be out of power, aside from bad weather.


Fuel Efficient Power Generators in Rockville, MD

Our residential generators and commercial generators are fuel efficient, and they can provide long run times and consistent power. Security and surveillance resources can be temporarily knocked down as a result of power failure which could prompt increased crime rates. It is not just because of the inconveniences; we need electricity to power our HVAC systems in order to survive harsh weather conditions.


Safe and Dependable Residential and Commercial Generator Installation

When you deal with OnGuard Generators, we can assure you of utmost professionalism and competence. When you buy a generator from us, you can expect immediate technical support for breakdowns, labor or replacement of parts in Rockville, MD. When you purchase equipment from us, you don’t have to worry a thing. We install only the latest models of standby generators from the top U.S. manufacturers. We make sure to install standby generators of the highest quality from only the best U.S. manufacturers.


Let Us Visit Your Home

If you’re searching for the best generator system, you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you need a propane generator or a natural gas generator for standby power we will give you an accurate estimate for the work. You’ll get a quotation of the ideal generator to cater for your needs.


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OnGuard Generators is always innovating to meet customer needs. We have offices in different areas and we are of service in the entire Rockville, MD. We stand behind our work with 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Contact us now for an absolutely free quotation be it an industrial generator or a house generator.


Reliable and Safe Generator Installation

Unlike most of our competitors, we are willing to show up on site just to give you a free quotation for generator installation. When you purchase any of the recommended generators based on your power demand, we can immediately begin the installation process. We will keep you in the loop regarding the progress of your project because we value open communication. Get in touch with our gracious customer care representatives to get professional assistance in the unlikely event you’re experiencing issues with the new generator.


Cost Effective Generator Installation in Rockville, MD

We have a lot to offer if you choose OnGuard Generators as your backup power partner in Rockville, MD. The best way to get an accurate quotation is to have one of our technicians come to your site. Looking for an accurate quotation for your generator needs? Our technicians are all set to visit your site. Book an on-site assessment today.


Consistent Backup Power for Your Home or Business in Rockville, MD

Always turn to OnGuard Generators for quality generator installation in Rockville, MD. We pride ourselves on reasonable pricing, quality workmanship and excellent service. We leave the rest of the decision to you. We can explain to you the pros and cons of owning generators in Rockville, MD. Schedule an on-site assessment with our operators today and we can give you a free quotation for our services.


Standby Whole House Generators for Rockville, MD and surrounding suburbs


Do you need emergency standby power throughout your home?

Or do you want a pre-wired system that gives you power for just the essential circuits until utility power is back online?

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    • Your safety is our #1 concern
    • We specialize in generator sales, installation and service of all generator brands including Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins Onan, Honeywell, General Electric, Guardian and Eaton.
    • You can count on us to help you select the right generator for your home and your particular needs
    • We are local and are ready to provide our full services throughout Maryland

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If you are considering a backup home generator for your Maryland area home, then give us a call today. We can walk you through the process as well as do an in home assessment to help you select the right size generator for your home size and family needs. The visit is free, so give us a call today at 844-400-9518 to find out more about protecting your family and your belongings with a whole house generator.

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