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What would happen if your home was without power for a few days? If it is summer, perhaps nothing. But if it is a typical Minnesota winter, your family would be quite uncomfortable in a relatively short amount of time. That’s why more and more people are investing in the one appliance that enables all the other electrical devices in your home to work – a home generator.
Homeowners know that in a power outage, a home is less safe and becomes a source of worry and stress. Sump pumps don’t work. Security systems don’t work. The garage door doesn’t work and if you are stuck outside, you can’t get in your garage to disengage the power lift. Food spoils in the refrigerator. There are no lights. No television. No computers. No hot water and in a freezing Minnesota winter, there is no heat.

Is your preference for a Quiet Generator?

A generator is a motor and does make noise just similar to a lawn mower or car engine. Sound insulated housing around the generator unit helps keep the noise to a minimum. New generator models also will do their weekly self-tests and a lower RPM rate so that the noise level is similar to a car idling in your driveway.
But when power is out in your neighborhood, and there is no noise at all coming from other houses, you will be able to hear the sweet sound of your generator keeping your home and family safe and comfortable. Your neighbors will “hear” that you had the foresight to get a home generator so that your lifestyle wouldn’t be interrupted, even for a minute. 

Looking for Generac Generators, Briggs & Stratton Generators, Honeywell Generators, Kohler Generators and more? We carry and install all major brands.

Luckily, the U.S. has many great generator manufacturers. Many of them are located in the Midwest. We have experience with all major brands of generators. Each manufacturer has a wide range of models and features so you will have a wide selection from which to choose your own home generator.

Whole House Generator Experts for Eden Prairie, MN

Installing a generator is a job for professionals. In fact, most communities require a permit to install a backup generator and will require a licensed electrician for permitting. Our technicians are trained installers and will be able to finish your installation in a day or two after your permit has been approved. We take care of everything from electrical panel hookup, to natural gas hookup (or propane), to locating and securing your generator outside your home. We make sure that it is operating perfectly before we consider our job done.

What’s the Best Generator for my home?

The best generator is one that is perfectly sized for your home and your power needs. You can buy a generator that is too big and waste money, and you can buy one that is too small. Charts do not take into consideration your family’s lifestyle and the exact electrical devices in your home. We recommend an on-site visit (completely complimentary) from our service staff to walk you through the selection of the right sized generator to keep your family safe and comfortable during a power outage.

Service and Monitoring for House Generators

As with any motor, a generator will need an oil and filter change from time to time to keep the motor running at peak performance levels. Many new generators also have remote monitoring options that let you monitor the key functions of your generator right from your phone or PDA. OnGuard Generators provides expert service for existing generators as well as monitoring services to keep you in the know regarding generator status.

A Whole Home Generator to Protect What Matters Most

Your family’s safety and comfort are greatly increased with the addition of a home generator to your home’s vital systems. Within seconds, a standby home generator can detect a power outage and engage its motor to begin delivering electricity to your home’s necessary circuits. If you are not home, or on vacation, you could come home to find that your power has been out for hours (or days or weeks) and also discover that your basement is flooded and your food is spoiled. Consider giving us a call to schedule a free assessment for your home today.


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Do you need emergency standby power throughout your home?

Or do you want a pre-wired system that gives you power for just the essential circuits until utility power is back online?

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