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If you have a home security system, you have taken the first step to protecting your family and your home. But in an extended power outage, your security system will not operate if its battery runs out after a few hours. Having a standby home generator is a way to generate your own power should utility power go out for hours, days and weeks.
During a power interruption, your refrigerator will not work, leading to food spoilage and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars of loss. If the outage occurs in the winter, your home quickly loses heat and you and your family will struggle to stay comfortable for an extended period of time. There are no lights to do homework by or to maintain a safe environment for your family. Media doesn’t work and that includes computers for those who work from home.

Do You Need a Quiet Generator?

Emergency generators have come a long way in the past few years. They run quieter than ever before utilizing superior sound insulation. During the weekly or bi-weekly self-test, generators run at slower RPMs, making this function more quiet and less disturbing.

We carry and install all major home power generators including Generac Generators, Briggs & Stratton Generators, Honeywell Generators, Kohler Generators and more

It is true that the U.S. electrical grid is aging and failing more frequently than in years past. In fact, there are 5 times as many power outages as there were just a decade ago. Power goes out because of storms, because of an overtaxed grid, because of accidents and due to human error. More people are demanding more power for more electrical devices leading to power interruptions at an increasing rate.
You have a great deal invested in your home and belongings. Your family’s safety is of paramount importance. These are great reasons to look into generator ownership.

Minnetonka’s Whole House Generator Source

We can help you select the right generator for your home based on your home size and your lifestyle. We are a one-stop source for generators, generator installation, gas hookup and getting the required permits for Minnetonka. After permit approval, it takes just a day or two to install your generator with as little disruption to your family’s routine as possible.

Discover the Best Generator for Your Family and House Size

Charts give a guideline as to the size of generator that will work for your particular situation. Our technicians can walk you through, step-by-step, the process for calculating the exact size generator that will allow your home to function seamlessly during a power outage. Frequently this is a smaller generator than the charts show as not all circuits you select from your home’s panel will need to operate at the same time.

House Generators Service and Monitoring

A generator is a major system in your home just like your HVAC system or plumbing. It requires regular maintenance as it is a motor and will need an oil and filter change from time to time. We provide scheduled maintenance for home generators as well as service for any problems you might have with an existing installation.

Protection for your Family and Belongings with a Whole Home Generator

Generators are the ultimate appliance for the well-equipped home. They turn on and off whether you are at home or not, monitor themselves and self-check all systems weekly, and are engineered to be as quiet as possible while still delivering the power you need to maintain your regular home routines during an outage. Your home and family will be safer with a home generator than without. We look forward to assisting you in protecting your family and your home.


Your Minnetonka, MN and Minneapolis area Standby Generator Source

Do you need emergency standby power throughout your home?

Or do you want a pre-wired system that gives you power for just the essential circuits until utility power is back online?

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Protecting your Minnesota home and family with a home generator is a smart idea.  We can assist you with generator size selection and make sure you have the appropriate size generator model that will keep your home and family safe no matter how long your neighborhood is without electrical utility power.  Call us at (844) 400-9518 today for friendly, expert assistance.



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