Connecting Kilowatts – Generator Installation

If you have decided to go ahead and get a whole house generator after the last five or six power outages in your neighborhood, you are not alone. A November 6, 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal reports a 17% yearly growth in the number of homeowners that have decided that a home standby […]

Generator Sales – Reevaluate Your Personal Infrastructure

Hurricanes such as Irene and Sandy have taught us all how fragile our electrical supply is and how much we all rely on power to keep our families safe and secure. Whether it is tornadoes in the Plains, or ice storms in the Northeast, or downed power lines from lightning, there is seemingly no end […]

Diagnosing Stress with Load Bank Testing

Perhaps you have heard of stress testing, the procedure doctors use to determine a heart rate and level of fitness when subjected to very strenuous exercise over a period of time.  You might have even gone through a few stress tests at your yearly physicals.  If so, then you know that a stress test asks […]

Generator Repair Costs and Facts

If your backup generator is newer and your unit has been maintained properly, you should not expect to have many repairs.  Generators are solid, well-built machines and carry valuable manufacturer warranties.  These warranties only require scheduled maintenance to keep them in force.  A typical generator repair not covered under warranty can run from $100 to […]

Available Technology for Generator Monitoring

Your home alarm system is most likely wired into a central station where they keep an eye on your system 24/7.  When a breach occurs, the central station makes the call to the fire department or police to alert them of possible trouble at your address.  This peace of mind is priceless for homeowners who […]

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