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OnGuard Generators will serve as your single point of contact if you need generators in Flower Mound, TX. Obvious causes of power outages include storms, damaged utility poles, human error, short circuits, brownouts, power surges and natural causes. It is vital to know about the possible causes of power outage in order to better protect our businesses as well as ourselves from its devastating effects.                                                                                                       

Why You Should Seriously Consider a Power Generator in Flower Mound, TX                                                                                                                                                                                           

Productivity suffers when computers and machinery don’t work because the electricity is cut off. Productivity levels dwindle when machinery and computers cease to function when there is no power. Refrigerators and freezers are filled with spoiled food and medicine when electricity goes out. Food and medicines spoil in refrigerators and freezers when electricity goes out. Security and surveillance resources can be temporarily knocked down as a result of power failure which could prompt increased crime rates.                                                                                                  

Reliable Power Generators Backed With Warranty and Support                                                         

We install only the latest model standby generators from the top U.S. manufacturers. Flower Mound, TX requires an electric permit, structural permit and gas permit. All our services come with warranty and competitive pricing. We take care of all permits and inspections required by Flower Mound, TX.                                                                                                   

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We believe that a backup generator must not only be installed correctly; the technician must also have your safety in mind. We’ll handle everything from installation and delivery all the way to pulling permits that are required by the Flower Mound, TX. If you hire us, we will properly install your generator according to manufacturer specifications to ensure that the warranty will still be valid. You can always consult OnGuard Generators to understand the specific needs for your backup power solution.                                                                                                  

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We visit your home, discuss with you your requirements and outline our recommendations. We stand behind our work with 100% Satisfaction guarantee. We have locations all across the country and supply the best generator model for your location. Our generators are quiet, good looking units installed in your home and permanently connected to your power supply. We have been around for many years so you can trust us to do the job right!                                                                                                   

Not all Companies are Willing to Give You a Free Quotation                                                       

OnGuard Generators is one of very few companies that will come to your location to give you a free quotation for generator installation. Our accurate estimates will give you a peace of mind if you are on a tight budget and want no surprises later on. No matter what generator service you need, whether a propane generator or natural gas generator, you will receive the same level of quality from all our experts. We promise you a stress free service, but we will never leave you out of the process entirely.                                                                                                 

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Our technicians are highly trained to install generators in Flower Mound, TX according to all local building codes. We look at your electrical panel and proposed generator location and make sure they are the most efficient solution for your needs. OnGuard Generators is responsible for passing all Flower Mound inspections. The best way to get an accurate quotation is to have one of our technicians come to your site. Our technicians are highly trained to install generators in Flower Mound, TX according to all local building codes.                                                                                                    

Learn How to Save Money on Generator Installation in Flower Mound, TX                                                                                                                                                                                            

We want to help make sure that your home or office will always have a backup power in case of outages to avoid interruptions that affect your work, comfort and daily routine. With OnGuard Generators, you will never have to lose power in your home or business again because you will be switching power seamlessly whenever power fails. OnGuard Generators is a full service sales, installation, service generator dealer servicing the greater part of Flower Mound, TX. We have installed generators in big and small homes as well as medical facilities, restaurants, office buildings, industrial warehouses, food stores and municipal facilities. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your needs and get started with your project.

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