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At OnGuard Generators, we are aware that there is an increased need for generators in Norfolk, VA arising from power outages. Our healthcare, work, livelihood and economy are all dependent on a constant supply of electricity. A poorly installed system will cost you more money, but aside from that, it poses safety concerns for your family. Blackouts can be a huge setback especially in households that need to have uninterrupted power supply. When things get worse, a power outage can leave your home or business without power for many weeks.

Why You Should Seriously Consider a Power Generator in Norfolk, VA

Refrigerators and freezers shut down and a lot of food and medicine spoil when power goes out. Televisions don’t work without power. There are so many things that rely on electricity, from appliances to mobile devices. Food and medicines spoil in refrigerators and freezers when electricity goes out. OnGuard Generators can also provide portable generators ideal for camping or RV-ing.

Safe and Dependable Residential and Commercial Generator Installation in Norfolk, VA 

We install only the best, latest model of standby generators from the top U.S. manufacturers. We are the leading generator installers in Norfolk, VA. OnGuard Generators offers installation, support, service work and maintenance for all our customers. Our licensed technicians will help you through the process, provide all information you need and make practical recommendations for your home or commercial space.

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If you hire us, we will properly install your generator according to manufacturer specifications to ensure that the warranty will still be valid. If you need a backup generator for your home or business let the experts at OnGuard Generators give you a complimentary quotation. We visit your home, evaluate your needs and provide you with the total cost up front, in writing, with no hidden fees. You can always consult OnGuard Generators to understand the specific needs for your backup power solution.

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We have locations all across the country and supply the best generator model for your location. Afraid there might be power failure in your area? Worry not for we’ve got you covered. Call us now for a cost-free quotation for a house generator or industrial generator.

Not All Companies Offer Free Whole House Generator Quotations

We offer high quality customer service. Call our friendly customer care representatives to get expert advice and assistance with your new generator should any issues arise. Check out our customer reviews to see what others have to say about us.

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Book an on-site assessment today. Whether you need a propane generator or a natural gas generator, we can help you. Here at OnGuard Generators, our services are designed to protect you from any kind of power interruption. If you want the security and peace of mind that comes with owning a reliable, high quality electrical generator, call OnGuard Generators. We have a lot to offer if you choose OnGuard Generators as your backup power partner.

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We pride ourselves on reasonable pricing, quality workmanship and excellent service. We promise unmatched turn-key solution from the moment you call us right through your installation and scheduled maintenance. We only install the best products from the top manufacturers of power generators in the country. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of having a power generator and how we can help you, call us today to consult with one of our specialists and schedule an appointment to receive your free quotation.

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