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Does it seem like Madison is in the path of every major storm event each year? If it isn’t lightning it’s an ice storm or high wind advisory. All of these natural disasters produce power outages all over southern Wisconsin. Did you know that there are 5 times as many power outages in the U.S. as there were just a decade ago?
With an aging electrical utility infrastructure and an overtaxed electrical grid, there will be more outages to come and they will become more widespread and more frequent. If you haven’t thought about getting a whole house generator for your Madison-area home, now is a good time to consider protecting your home and your family with your own source of reliable electrical power.
When the power goes out, your sump pump doesn’t work leading to a flooded basement. Battery back-ups work, but only for a few hours or to the limit of the charge on the battery. What if you are out of town or at work? How do you know your sump pump battery has engaged? The answer is you don’t; but you hope. The amount of damage in dollars to the items and building materials (drywall, tile, etc.) from mold and saturation can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
A standby whole house generator will keep your home’s systems running in perfect order whether you are at home or away. A home generator operates automatically, engaging its electricity-generating motor at the first sign of a loss of utility power…usually within seconds. Because a backup generators uses natural gas or propane, virtually limitless fuel supplies, you never have to worry about refilling a gasoline tank like you do with a portable generator. A standby generator also turns itself off after power is restored from utility lines.
Generators are sized based on the number of circuits you want it to power and the size of your home. You can keep your air conditioning and heating systems running so you can be comfortable on sweltering days or freezing winter nights. While everyone is sitting in the dark waiting for the power to go on, you can be reading, finishing up work projects, doing homework or watching TV because your generator is sending electricity to your lights and media devices. You won’t experience hundreds of dollars in food spoilage because your refrigerator and freezer keep operating no matter how long your power is out.
Now is a good time to get a complimentary generator size assessment for your home. We will be glad to give you a free estimate on installation for the right size generator for your home and your family’s lifestyle. You’ll be able to weather any storm with your home generator on the job 24/7.


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