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Protecting your home and your family from the physical, emotional and financial damages caused by extended power outages is easy if you have a standby home generator. These units have a small footprint outside your home and are about the size of an air conditioning unit. They sit quietly waiting to sense if power has been interrupted and then they engage and start providing power to your home, usually in less than half a minute. They are an invaluable partner for protecting your property and your lifestyle.

What makes a backup home generator different from portable generators you might buy in the big box store is that a backup generator requires permanent installation. It is capable of powering multiple circuits in your home and doesn’t require extension cords or a supply of gasoline nearby. A standby home generator is connected to a municipal natural gas supply and thus has an inexhaustible supply of fuel to keep your home powered-up for days or weeks – even months. Portable generators usually require extension cords and must be kept out of doors due to the hazards and risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. Permanently installed generators go on automatically when they sense the power is out, and similarly, shut off when utility power is restored to your home.

Another benefit of a whole house generator is that it operates whether you are at home or not. Imagine being out of town on vacation or a business trip and finding out your power is out. There is no one home to hook up your sump pump to a portable generator…or your refrigerator, freezer, furnace or lights. A house generator is wired directly to your electrical panel so you don’t have to make any connections in order to provide power to important appliances and electrical devices in your home.

The number of power outages from electrical grid overload, storms and human error is increasing each year. When the power goes out, your security system goes out as does your communications network including internet access and tv service. Not only are you in the dark physically, but you are cut off from information about what is going on and the extent of the outage. If you work from home, being without power affects your ability to work.

Why wait it out when you can be comfortable, safe and productive in your own home? Give us a call today for a complimentary site assessment and quotation for backup power for your home.


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