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How does remote monitoring work in a home generator?

Remote monitoring systems are available on most larger fixed-place standby home generator systems. Remote monitoring systems are typically not available with smaller, portable power generators on wheels.

Simply put, remote monitoring systems allow the homeowner (or generator maintenance contractor) the ability to check on the health of the home generator remotely. With the increased incidence of power outages due to the aging grid and severe weather, it is important that home generators are always ready to answer the call if the electrical grid fails. Remote monitoring systems can play an important role in the maintenance of home generator systems, ensuring that they are always in good working condition.

Many larger home generators are manufactured with their own built-in hardware and software packages that can provide remote monitoring of the entire system. In addition, there are third party vendors of monitoring equipment that can be added to an existing home generator system.

Remote monitoring systems can collect a wide range of information, including a copy of the control panel, fuel levels/availability, engine temperature, oil pressure, battery status, coolant level, test run history and much more.

Monitoring systems are programmed to transmit information in a variety of ways, including e-mail, SMS text message, phone call or pager. In addition, some systems make daily monitoring reports available on a dedicated website, accessible by the homeowner and/or monitoring service.

The real value of a remote monitoring system is that it gives the homeowner peace of mind. You never know when you will be subject to a power outage. A home generator must be ready to run at all times and continuous monitoring and testing plays an important role in system dependability.

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