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How Long Will A Honda Generator Last?

Introduction. The useful life of leading portable generators will vary by manufacturer and specific model. Honda offers a wide range of portable generators, but on average, you can expect a Honda generator to last well over 10,000 hours of running time. (Note that this is purely an estimate but to put this into perspective, studies have shown that the average automobile has a useful life of about 5,000 hours). Honda generators have a strong reputation in the marketplace for reliability and durability. Most Honda generators, such as the EU 2200i, come with a 3-year warranty for parts and service. Beyond that, how long your Honda generator lasts will depend on several factors such as: engine type, fuel used, the environment in which you operate your unit and how well you maintain it.

How Many Hours Will A Honda EU2000i last?

The Honda EU2200i has a .95 gallon gas tank (for regular unleaded gasoline) which can allow for 3.2 to 8+ hours of continuous running, depending on the load. The engine in the Honda EU2200i has a feature (Eco Throttle) that adjusts the engine speed to the power needed, which bolsters fuel efficiency. Honda believes that fuel consumption is reduced approximately 40% with its Eco Throttle feature. For those concerned with the environment, the company also believes that Eco Throttle reduces exhaust emissions and noise.

If you are wondering about the useful life of your Honda EU2200i will last, there are no published estimates by the manufacturer. A 3-year warranty for parts and service provides a cushion for buyers. Looking beyond the 3-year warranty, some independent studies have estimated that a well-built portable generator can last over 10,000 hours of running time compared to 5,000 hours of running time for an average automobile (based on 300,000 miles at 60 miles per hour). Of course, the useful life of your Honda portable generator will depend on many factors such as operating climate and how well you maintain your equipment.

How Do I Check The Hours On A Honda Generator?

Many Honda portable generators have a lighted indicator that tells you how many hours (cumulative) that your equipment has run since it left the factory. For instance, on the Honda EU2200i, there is an indicator light that indicates cumulative running time: “no blinks” indicates 0-100 hours, “one blink” indicates 100-200 hours, “two blinks” indicates 200-300 hours, with “five blinks” indicating 500+ hours of cumulative operation. The Honda EU2200i also has a green “output indicator” light which tells you that your generator is operating normally and producing voltage at the receptacles. There are other indicator lights on the EU2200i that measure overload and low oil. Worth noting is that when the low oil alert triggers, the engine wu=ill shut down automatically in order to protect your generator.

How Can You Make Your Generator Last Longer?

As with most types of power equipment, you can extend the useful life of your generator with proper maintenance. There are over 2,000 authorized Honda dealers in the United States, so it will be fairly easy for you to have routine maintenance performed by a deal in your area. For the DIY folks, routine maintenance is fairly easy and is explained in layman’s terms by the Owners Manual and in You Tube videos. Routine maintenance for the Honda EU2200i would include cleaning the outer shell with a damp cloth (no running water!), oil changes, air filter changes, spark plug changes, cleaning the spark arrester and valve adjustments. When not in use, it is always a good idea to store your portable generator in a dry area with a cover. With proper care, your generator should last many years and be ready to serve you when you need it!

What Maintenance Is Required For A Honda Generator?

Proper maintenance for portable generators is fairly straight-forward and will definitely extend the useful life of your unit. The most important maintenance steps will include regular oil changes and periodic cleaning and changing of filters and spark plugs. Cleaning your spark arrester (inside of the muffler) with a wire brush at proper intervals is also highly recommended and is not complicated. And remember, if your unit is constantly exposed to extreme elements (e.g. dust, smoke, sleet and extreme cold), more frequent maintenance is advised. As always, be sure to check your Owner’s Manual for help with proper maintenance steps for your Honda portable generator.

How Noisy Is The Honda EU2200i Generator?

Over the years, portable generators developed a reputation for being “noisy”. While that remains the case for many portable generators, the Honda EU2200i operates at a very low decibel level than traditional models (specifically 48-57 dBA, close to normal speech). First, the EU2200i is constructed with sound dampening materials and “quiet” engines. Second, the EU2200i comes with “Eco Throttle” technology which adjusts the engine speed to the power needed–when the unit runs at less than full speed, it is quieter. Lastly, this unit is equipped with “inverter technology” that prevents power surges–generators with this technology are known to be much quieter than traditional models. Quiet operation has many advantages–you will not run afoul of local noise ordinances and a quiet generator makes for better neighbor relations–especially while camping or RV-ing!

What Oil Does a Honda Generator Use?

The Honda EU2200i uses SAR 10W-30 SJ oil, available at your local service station or your local Honda dealer.

How Do I Change The Oil in A Honda Generator?

Changing the engine oil for your Honda generator at proper intervals is an important part of your ongoing maintenance program and is fairly simple. While the engine is still warm, place your generator on a slightly elevated surface, about 3-4″ high. Turn the engine switch to the “off ” position. Move the fuel cap to the “off” position. With a screwdriver, remove the maintenance cover and place a pan next to your generator (for the old oil). Remove the oil filler cap and tip the generator toward the drain pain to drain the used oil. (Be sure to properly dispose of the used oil). Place the generator back in an upright position and with a funnel, add about 14 oz. of SAR 10W-30 SJ oil. You can make sure that you added the proper amount of oil with the dipstick measurement device on the inside of the oil filler cap. Tighten the oil filler cap securely and replace the maintenance cover. You are all set!

How To Clean A Honda Generator Carburetor?

Cleaning a carburetor on a portable generator can be a bit complicated, so you may want to consider having your unit serviced by your local Honda dealer. However, if you want to go the DIY route, the following You Tube video may be helpful:

Where Can You Get Service For A Honda Generator?

Most Honda generators come with a 3-year warranty that covers parts and service. Honda maintains a wide network of over 2,000 authorized dealers in the U.S. who can help you with all repair and maintenance issues. There is likely a Honda dealer close to your home. And if you pack a portable generator in your RV or camper and travel long distances from home, you should be able to find a Honda dealer without too much trouble.

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