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Rainier R2200i Inverter Generator Noise & Load Test At Various Distances 20″, 30′ and 50′

Rainier R2200i Inverter Generator Noise & Load Test At Various Distances 20", 30' and 50'

Generator power source calm here for a noise and load test of the Rainier our 2200 hi today we’re going to run the Generator and get noise and voltage as well as amp readings at the unit 20 feet 30 feet and 50 feet then we’ll come back and apply a load a 1500 watt heat gun on high retest at the unit 20 feet 30 feet and 50 feet this is the exact same test We’ve ran on all of the generators that we’ve tested on generator power source. So that you can compare the two, we just want to get an idea of how loud this thing is and the voltage drop when we engage a 1500 watt heat gun on high so you can see the performance. It will be in environmental mode at home. Of course, we should be operating on high when we know we’re going to engage a heavy load, but because we’ve done this with all the generators in the past, we want to keep it consistent so you guys can make an exact comparison. Before we begin, let’s take an ambient reading to get a sense of the noise level around us. 49 to 50 decibels ambient That’s quite consistent with all of our other tests, so we’ll go ahead and flip the switch. We’ll start it on choke this time As you can see, put down a

124 volts We’re pulling amps right now because there’s nothing connected to the Generator, and we’ll obtain a noise reading of 76 decibels at the unit in eco mode. We’ll go up to 20 feet. We’ll move from 58 decibels at 20 feet to 30 decibels at 30 feet to 50 decibels at 50 feet. Over ambient, we’ll engage that load again with a 1500 watt heat gun set to high and see what kind of difference we get in terms of noise. So, as I engage the econ, keep an eye on the voltage drop and you’ll see that this will pick up to around I. Consider eleven and a half to twelve, and we’ll go ahead and engage at three two. Braedon Bowman 120 volts Do it again, and we’ll keep an eye on it. Let us first discuss the voltage drop. Let’s acquire another workstation for eating. 79 decimals the same as previously Three two one 91 decibels five and twenty feet 70 decibels at 20 feet will be reduced to 30 69 70 decibels at 30 feet, let’s go 250 Between 66 and 68 dB at 50 feet, thus noticeably louder. Under load versus eco mode I

It’s a little louder than some of the other inverter generators we’ve tested, but I thought it handled the load well. Okay, it seemed like it handled the load better the second time we engaged the 15 100 watt heat gun, so we did it again. A little more noisy at 50 feet, but this will give you an idea of what you can get out of the rain around our 2,200 High thanks for watching guys subscribe Give us a thumbs up, and we’ll see what we can do. Keep going, and we’ll see you next time. When we take this over to the vacation trailer and put it through its paces on some actual appliances.

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