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What Happens During an In-Home Generator Assessment?

in home generator assessment

Help Choosing the Right Standby Generator for Your Home

So you have decided on using a larger, automatic standby generator that delivers power to the entire home from a fixed location.  As you may be aware, there are also smaller portable generators available at your local home improvement store which sit on wheels and deliver power to only one appliance or two (such as a refrigerator and portable home heater).  But in-home assessments refer to meetings with electricians or generator contractors who you may engage to install a larger, automatic stand by generator alongside your home.

Remember that installing a large standby generator will require using a licensed contractor, either an electrical contractor or a generator specialist.  There are several well-known manufacturers of large generator systems and each of these manufacturers has a network of distributors (electricians or generator specialists) who can install and service their equipment.
The starting point for you will be to select an equipment manufacturer and schedule an in-home assessment with their local representative to review your needs and determine which piece of equipment is best suited for the job.  Just like anything else, it is okay to shop around and schedule in-home assessments with representatives of more than one generator manufacturer!
During your in-home assessment, the generator expert will tour your home and take an inventory of everything that uses power.  This will include your HVAC system, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwaves, basement storage freezer, computers, lights, garage door opener, etc.  He will also factor in things such as your climate and the square footage of the home and make allowances for some possible growth in your future energy consumption as he makes his assessment.
Your in-home assessment will result in a recommendation of a particular size standby backup generator best suited for your needs.  You should remember that within the broader category of larger standby generators, you will have choices.  Many homeowners want a unit large enough to deliver power to their entire home as if a power outage never occurred.  These will be large units and will cost more. However, some homeowners may think that powering the entire house is overkill and may want to deliver power to a couple of high priority areas or appliances but more than would be possible with a smaller, portable generator on wheels.
By dialing down the size of your generator, you will sacrifice power generating ability but will save some money. The point is that within the broader category of large, fixed place standby generators, you have options.   Your in-home assessment should make your decision much easier.
Take advantage of the free in home estimates that many manufacturers provide through their local dealer network.  You will learn a lot about what you need to maintain your lifestyle through a power outage.  In recent months, many dealers are offering virtual assessments to make the process more comfortable and convenient.
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