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generator on pad at nightHurricanes such as Irene and Sandy have taught us all how fragile our electrical supply is and how much we all rely on power to keep our families safe and secure. Whether it is tornadoes in the Plains, or ice storms in the Northeast, or downed power lines from lightning, there is seemingly no end to the number of disasters that can cause homeowners to be without electricity for hours and days at a time.

If you don’t want to be one of the thousands waiting in line at a big box store for the next shipment of portable generators, then you might be a candidate for a whole house generator. A generator can mean the difference between being in the dark, or carrying on as usual. We have an aging public infrastructure with overhead power lines that are subject to a myriad of catastrophes which seem to occur with more frequency each year. Many homeowners say that having a permanent generator has become a necessity in their part of the country.

A permanent residential generator is a solution to recurring electrical outages. It is direct-wired to your electrical system and automatically activates when it senses an interruption in power. Your generator engages within seconds, keeping you comfortable and safe in your home and all your required systems running smoothly. Generators get their fuel from uninterruptible supplies of natural gas or propane which power an internal engine and a rotating alternator which creates electricity.

We recommend and provide a complimentary needs assessment to determine the appropriate kilowatts and type of generator that is sized appropriately for your house and your lifestyle. After selection, your generator can be installed within a day or two once permits have cleared your municipality.

Your home systems might be the very latest in technology and design, but without power, they are useless. You can update your home’s infrastructure and keep it running smoothly with a backup generator that is permanently ready, willing and able to deliver power at a moment’s notice. It’s peace of mind, whether you are at home or away.

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